Success Stories

    “After 20 years in the industry, Theorem caught my attention because the products are AMAZING, and the business model is SO easy!  Everything you need is right at your fingertips in our APP!  Everyone needs Theorem even though they may not know it yet!” –  Theda Blackwood – Senior Executive Director

    “I went into this business knowing that I was here for a reason, that I wanted to grow a team and be a part of the growth of the company, and that I was going to help as many people as possible with hair and personal growth! If you want full-time growth and potential, you have to put in the time to share the products, believe in the products, believe in your team, and grow a team culture that helps represent what you are about.” –  Barbara Miller – Senior Director

    “In 2020, a friend asked me to try some new hair products, and I reluctantly agreed. I loved those hair products from the first use, and my hair started improving as each week went by. Eight weeks later, I started sharing Theorem with others. Eight months later, I absolutely loved helping others with their hair and found myself on the first company incentive trip. I have now helped around 180 people improve their hair, plus 150 other women have joined me in sharing Theorem!” –  Nance Heidemann – Senior Director

“I truly believe that your experiences bring you to the place your supposed to be. With close to 20 years of direct sales experience I know Theorem is where I belong. When Covid hit in 2020 and the company I was with closed, I knew if I was to continue in this industry, I would have to partner with a company that really made a difference. At Theorem we are making a difference. We are creating a culture of growth and impact. Over the last 2 years our personal team has grown to just under 500 specialists and we have helped close to 2,000 customers. I invite you to join our movement.” –  Joanie Neenan – Senior Director