Hate the idea of sending trash you can’t recycle to the landfill? From coffee capsules to plastic cutlery to the entire contents of your bathroom, Zero Waste Boxes make it possible to recycle things that are probably not accepted through local curbside recycling services. The best part is that by recycling with us, you can give your products a new purpose! All recycled items are recycled to be used again..

Theorem is all for saving our planet while healing hair!

One of our missions is to continue to be a clean and green company. This program allows us to do just that while making it easy for our customers to help us, and get rewarded for it….in a big way.

We hope you’ll join our movement! 

How Our Program Works:

How to be Rewarded:

Send us your empty Theorem products! In the package before sending it back to us include a sheet of paper with your first & last name and email or click here to fill out and print a form.

Once we receive the product in Tempe, AZ we will add your rewards to your account. They are added as “Loyalty Rewards” and are used as product credit!

Connect with your Specialist today to learn more about the Recycle Program!

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