Recognition September

Our Third Month!

– Over 900 Hair Specialists 
– In 48 states + Puerto Rico
– Square Root was our best seller in September
– 6,257 people were reached during our launch 
– Plus 38K from our 3 local influencers


News & Updates 15 Day Challenge

– WIN a shampoo/conditioner lab sample!
– Senior Hair Specialist & above already received theirs! 
– One week left to be in…. 
     • Top 10 in personal sales
     • Top 10 sign ups
– Challenge ends October 15th 
– Specialists can only win once 



Hairlloween Hair Contest

– Create a fun and unique Halloween hairstyle
– Tag @Theorem.Method on Instagram 
– Use #TheoremHairlloween on all social media platforms. 
– Enter by October 16th for a chance to win a shampoo and conditioner lab sample. 
– The hairstyle that we love the most WINS!


New Payout Partner

  • Beginning today, payouts will be send via PayQuicker. 
  • In your Backoffice, under Earnings, if you click PayQuicker you will be see instructions on how you will get paid. 
  • Login to your GPG account and transfer any remaining funds from the account right away.


Product Minute with Zoe

Water Molecules 101 
Soft or hard water?
Thursday October 15th at 5pm PST


Density Sample

  • 1 fl oz. 
  • $5.95 – to ship directly to a friend
  • $24.95 – 5 pack


Why You Should Send a Sample?

  • Introduce product to an audience not familiar with Theorem. 
  • Foster relationships and inspire loyalty with existing customers.
  • Expand knowledge of products to others
  • Encourages repeat customers to try something new. 
  • Attract potential prospects at events or when out and about.


Stats & Psychology Behind Samples

  • 25 – 30% end up buying right after trying the sample.
  • Psychology of purchasing
  • Rule of Reciprocation


NEW Sample Credits

  • We are introducing FREE sample credits 
  • How do you earn credits? 
  • We start tonight!

Top 10 Personal Retail Sales

  1. Theda Blackwood
  2. Sandy Langwell
  3. Angela Stephenson
  4. Julie Hilarides
  5. Samantha Oehler
  6. Pam Cotten
  7. Amy Pierce
  8. Siobhan Rosencranse
  9. Angela Corbell
  10. Debbie Blanc


Top New Customer Acquisition

  1. Theda Blackwood
  2. Sandy Langwell
  3. Angela Stephenson
  4. Julie Hilarides
  5. Samantha Oehler
  6. Amy Pierce
  7. Pam Cotten
  8. Siobhan Rosencranse
  9. Debbie Blanc
  10. Allison Boswell
  11. Kelly Coffman


Top 10 Personally Sponsored 

New Hair Specialist

  1. Theda Blackwood 
  2. Joanie Neenan 
  3. Barbra Miller 
  4. Debbie Blanc
  5. Julie Hilarides 
  6. Jennifer DeBourbon 
  7. Amy Pierce 
  8. Cindy Field 
  9. Gina Janaszek 
  10. Susie Peachauer 


Top 10 Total Group Volume

  1. Amy Pierce
  2. Angela Corbell
  3. Pam Cotten
  4. Theda Blackwood
  5. Debbie Blanc
  6. Sandy Langwell
  7. Jacqueline Butler
  8. Kimber Krosschell
  9. Allison Boswell
  10. Christy Ennis


Autoship Monthology VIP Customers

Customer Name – Hair Specialist

Alison Stokes – Pam Cotten
Nancy Lopus – Theda Blackwood
Nikki Uvalles – Sharon Ricotta
Karen Snavely – Jamie Wright
Ellen Metzner – Caitlin West
Elizabeth Waller – Theda Blackwood
Kristie Pearmund – Shelly Grace
Roberta Venter – Gina Janaszek
Katey James – Jacqueline Butler
Patricia Duarte – Diane Kershaw
Tracy Tinlin – Jennifer DeBourbon
Ellen Caldwell-Ng – Suzanne Joffrion
Carolyn Rafferty – Tabitha Terhune
Roberta Venter – Gina Janaszek
Carolyn Gore – Angela Stephenson
Rudy Pajimola – Noralyn Pajimola
Doris Faircloth – Jacqueline Butler
Patricia Harper – Suzanne Joffrion
Matthew Smith – Amy Pierce
Ryan Quigley – Karen Quigley
Jena Gribble – Amy Pierce
Deb Gutierrez – Suzanne Joffrion
Lynn Speeney – Theda Blackwood
Connie Gavaldon – Diane Kershaw
Andrea Lorinczy – Theda Blackwood
Matt Lawrence – Connie Lawrence
Alexis Getley – Heather Getley
Holly Moudy – Samantha Oehler
Nicole Reyes – Donnyle Washburn 
Maria Trevino – Elsa Botello
Janet Howe – Charlotte Andrews
Ashley Barr – Catherine Woods 
Kelly Agostinelli – Cindy Tovell
Brooke Runnebaum – Tara Renze
Stacy Stoltz – Tiffany Waisanen
Teagan Rosencranse – Siobhan Rosencranse
Laurie Davis – Sandy Langwell
Warren Field – Cindy Field
Sara Law – Melinda Bassett
Eileen Plantz – Dawn Nielsen
Rachel Dominessy – Donnyle Washburn
Lil Racelis – Robin Marill-Morgan
Rebekah Setser – Susie Pechauer


Our Top Hair Specialists Utilizing Monthology

** 2+ Customers

Theda Blackwood
Suzanne Joffrion
Gina Janaszek
Jacqueline Butler
Diane Kershaw
Donnyle Washburn
Amy Pierce


Jr. Hair Specialist Rank Advancements

Brenda Thompson
Charlotte Andrews
Liz Spencer
Lindsay Springer
Debbie Rice
Beverly Lilie
Heather Maggi
Carrie Chance
Kara Borgsmiller
Denise Rosales
Sandra Hillcoat
Beth Boothe
Dawn Nielsen
Elizabeth Markwood
Susie Pechauer
Georgette Rautenstrauch
Julia Adams
Elsa Botello
Cheryl Draggoo
Lydia Lang
Tanya Upton
Hayley Richter
Colleen Michalowski
Olivia Platt
Kelli Reynolds
Kathy Dixon
Rose Firpo
Sharon McGuire
Rhonda Harris
Carrie Emerson
Marsha Helsing
Taryn Borzini
Mary Pearrell
Donna Swartz


Hair Specialist Rank Advancements

Kristen Tubbs
Janet Ostarello
Crystal Engstrom
Tabitha Terhune
Diane Kershaw
Mary Duke Grubbe
Suzanne Joffrion
Cheri Striker
Janet Wallisch
Tara Renze
Holly Thompson
Audra De Stefano
Lisa Perrin
Jackie Monteforte
Christine Dimino
Kendra Elmendorf
Jane Campbell
Ronica Gomez
Barbara Brown


Sr. Hair Specialist Rank Advancements

Samantha Oehler
Dawn Smith
Joanie Neenan
Cindy Field
Cindy Tovell
Donnyle Washburn
Chasity Rogers
Barbara Miller
Melinda Bassett
Tracy Levine


Team Leader Rank Advancements

Jennifer DeBourbon
Pam Cotten
Sandy Langwell
Sharon Ricotta
Julie Hilarides


Senior Team Leader Rank Advancements

Theda Blackwood


Director Rank Advancements

Angela Corbell



Amy Pierce