Recognition August

Our Second Month!

Р650 + new Hair Specialists
– Our 500th Hair Specialist – Stefani Shultz
– Our business is doubling every month
– The Method is our best seller
– Density is our best selling product individually
– Recognition Nights will NOW be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

Operations Update

  • You can now check tracking numbers on your backoffice
  • Best way to reach us with any issues is to use the
  • Bulk orders will be sent UPS ground so they take a little while longer


News & Updates Marketing Team

  • Things to look forward to after launch
  • Launch Selfie Challenge – Post a pic on the FB group of you and your favorite Theorem product!
  • TheoremHairllowen – Send us your best Hairlloween hairstyles and costumes during the month of October!
  • Breast Cancer Awareness month – Looking into pairing up with Locks of Love, stay tuned!
  • #TestimonialTuesdays – We’re going to collect and select the best testimonials. Winners will win really cool prizes!

Top 10 Personal Retail Sales

  1. Theda Blackwood
  2. Sandy Langwell
  3. Angela Stephenson
  4. Julie Hilarides
  5. Samantha Oehler
  6. Pam Cotten
  7. Amy Pierce 
  8. Siobhan Rosencranse
  9. Angela Corbell
  10. Debbie Blanc


Top 5 New Customer Acquisition

  1. Theda Blackwood
  2. Angela Stephenson
  3. Sandy Langwell
  4. Julie Hilarides
  5. Samantha Oehler


Top 5 Personally Sponsored 

New Hair Specialist

  1. Theda Blackwood
  2. Gina Janaszek
  3. Cindy Field
  4. Joanie Neenan
  5. Cindy Tovell


Top 10 Total Group Volume

  1. Amy Pierce
  2. Angela Corbell
  3. Pam Cotten
  4. Theda Blackwood
  5. Debbie Blanc
  6. Sandy Langwell
  7. Angela Stephenson
  8. Jacqueline Butler
  9. Allison Boswell
  10. Kimber Krosschell


Hair Specialist Rank Advancements

Amy Cupit
Ashley Lester
Brenda Larsen
Carol Grau Brull
Carrie Patterson
Charlotte Bland
Christa Clevenger
Christy Grooms Ennis
Cindy Tovell
Colleen Culver
Connie Lawrence
Dawn Smith
Diane Kershaw
Dona McCoulskey
Dorene Corliss
Elined Rivera
Ivi Villanueva
Jackie Schlegel
Jane Coleman Campbell
Jennifer Reed
Junemarie Platt
Karen Koch
Katie Popovici
Kelly Bohannon Coffman
Lauri Mccollum
Michele Heston
Michelle Puletti
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Lee
Robin Marill-Morgan
Shelly Grace
Siobhan Rosencranse
Stacey Grabowski
Stefani Marie Cardinale
Suzanne Joffrion
Tabitha Terhune
Tiffany Waisanen



Additional Rank Advancements

Junior Hair Specialist

Angela Stephenson
Anita Brown
Carrie Chance
Cindy Field
Daphne Hallman
Gina Janaszek
Joanie Neenan
Julie Hilarides
Samantha Oehler
Tabitha Leggett

Senior Hair Specialist

Pam Cotten
Sandy Langwell
Tracy Levine
Theda Blackwood

Team Leader Hair Specialist

Angela Corbell
Jacqueline Butler

Senior Leader

Debbie Blanc


Amy Pierce
Kimber Krosschell